Who is this Jamin guy anyway?
I am the husband of one and the father of nine. I was created to sing, to worship, to encourage, and to be steady. I am the Owner & Executive Director of Trinity Arts Center, a multi-disciplinary Arts Center in Eastern Tennessee, and the President of Trinity Arts Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization focused on funding arts education and performance. I've been involved with four music projects in my life -- Hot Pink Turtle, Spin Radio, Stand Like Stone, and of course, Jamin Rathbun.

In 2013, I added my Twitter feed to this site (below). To view the old content, just scroll down past the Twitter timeline. To keep in the loop on new posts, thoughts, and updates, just follow me on Twitter using the button below. Thanks!

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Maybe I'll choose... Extra toes growing from my feet?
Regardless of what you choose... You are bound to come across something of interest at NobodyHere.com

This is one of the most unique (or would weird be a better word?) sites I've come across in all of my web surfing experience. It's creative. It's engaging. It's random. It's a little disturbing and -- a little sad. There is no discernable logic or organization to the content. It's just a series of thoughts or concepts (often dealing with loneliness) explored poetically and/or visually -- linked loosely together by a collection of words.

And if that's not enough to pique your interest... You have the opportunity to select an insect icon to represent you on the sites message board. Hard to top that. = )

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