Who is this Jamin guy anyway?
I am the husband of one and the father of nine. I was created to sing, to worship, to encourage, and to be steady. I am the Owner & Executive Director of Trinity Arts Center, a multi-disciplinary Arts Center in Eastern Tennessee, and the President of Trinity Arts Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization focused on funding arts education and performance. I've been involved with four music projects in my life -- Hot Pink Turtle, Spin Radio, Stand Like Stone, and of course, Jamin Rathbun.

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Matthew 18:20
For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.

I don't want to side-track the focus of this post but -- when you have a few minutes, read the whole passage in context. There's some heavy stuff in verses 18 & 19. = )

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Two or More
"Whether we have one [person attend], or two, or even if our family is the only one in attendance. We will have church. We will invite the Holy Spirit. We will worship God and we will read the Scriptures together and take strength from God's Word and His presence with us."

An excerpt from an article by Keith Giles, posted on the Seed Stories web site.

"The Holy Spirit kicked me in the teeth." and "Then God did something sneaky." are also included in his article -- just so those of you subscribing to my rss feed don't think I made those up. = )

This article is a great reminder about where it's at... Not in numbers or in a state-of-the-art production equipment. Not in a 20 million dollar facility or an entertaining and engaging presentation but in encouraging, loving, and investing yourself in people so they can know Christ and follow the plan He has laid out for them. Father, don't let us ever forget.

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